Drinking Green / Le Bevande Verde

I have been juicing for years. Honestly, I’ve been juicing since before I truly knew why I should be juicing. After all this time, the countless fruits and vegetables butchered and strained, through the many books and studies read and reread, the recipes tried and tested, I now consider myself to be an “expert juicer.” I have graduated from the typical centrifugal juicer to a more professional cold-press extractor, and as opposed to the conventional and basic juices I once made (apple, carrot, celery), my juices are now comprised of 100% vegetables. (Unlesss of course, I am involving someone else in the juicing experience…and then I go light on them).


Speaking of “going light,” I have been juicing for my daughter since before she could walk. As she has gotten older (she is 19 months old now), her taste for green juices has sadly waned. While I was looking for a new way to introduce raw vegetables into her diet, I glanced over at my blender and for the first time, considered blending my greens.

I don’t know what had held me back from making green smoothies before. I had run across numerous recipes and raving reviews, but I suppose the thought of drinking some thick sweetened veggie concoction didn’t really appeal to me. That is, until I tried it. Fueled by instinct, I decided to find the simplest green smoothie recipe out there and give it a whirl. I came across this one in Deliciously Ella’s cookbook, I altered the original ingredients a bit, threw them in a blender- and I have to say, it was love at first sip. The best part was, my daughter thought it was ice cream. I can already predict a bright (green) future of smoothies.


(EN) Simplest Green Smoothie

Ingredients: (serves 1 ½ )

  • 1 ripe frozen banana
  • 2 small Ladyfinger/baby bananas (but you can use 1 normal banana or 1 plantain)
  • 1 large handful of spinach
  • 2 dates
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • ¾ cup filtered water


  • Blend, serve and enjoy!

(IT) Super Semplice Frullato Verde

Ingredienti: (per 1 ½ persone)

  • 1 banana matura congelata
  • 2 banane “baby” piccole (se no, potete usare 1 banana normale o 1 banana verde)
  • 1 manciata abbondante di spinaci
  • 2 datteri
  • 1 cucchiaio di crema di mandorla
  • ¾ tazza di acqua filtrata


  • Frullate, servite e godete!

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